About us

CCW was established in 1985 when Co-founders Bill and Liz Geddes took a leap of faith out of the world of wholesale and into new territory retailing outdoor lifestyle brands. 35 years later having experienced the ups and downs of running a family business, they have stood the test of time and successfully own and run 3 award winning stores in; Callander, Glasgow and St Andrews. With strong values and a team friendly culture, not to mention an appetite to drive this business forward, siblings Ross and Emily stepped in to work alongside their parents and wider CCW team to support this evolving retail environment.

“The CCW staff are our most important asset. Using family in a slightly looser term, over the years many of our staff have become more than just colleagues. Some original members of the team are still alongside us today, with Elaine deserving a special thanks to her impressive 27 years of service.”

Bill Geddes, Co-founder of CCW

“Our CCW community has a great following of loyal customers and their expectations on outdoor lifestyle brands and products are high. We travel across Europe to source emerging brands to bring newness and innovation to the collections. Our established brand relationships include; Barbour, Patagonia, Rains and Seasalt.”

Emily Geddes, CCW Retail Director

The flagship store in Callander is a 6000 sq foot retail space with a cafe restaurant on the second floor and also houses the company's head offices. Settling here and building the team enabled them to move into online retailing and the owners invested in developing a digital platform for their ccwclothing.com. 

CCW decided to venture to the City of Glasgow in 2015, establishing a shop in the West End-Byres road. To this day CCW’s heartbeat is reflected in true family/quality values. Retail is an extremely challenging market place in these difficult times in 2020, but “the business has been in our blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for so many years now. We could never give it up”, says Bill.

“CCW has always been driven by an unwavering commitment to its original family values. The only way we have managed to  stand out as a business in the busy modern world of online shopping is to "provide a feeling" you're unable to obtain online. We want to offer our customers a unique experience in our stores combined with a personal touch and great customer service with a smile.”

Liz Geddes, Co-Founder of CCW